Zagg Slim Book: The Best iPad Air 2 Keyboard Case?

Today we’re gonna take a look at the Zagg Slim Book iPad Air 2 Bluetooth Keyboard case.It’s an ultra slim tablet keyboard and detachable case, (yes, I’m reading this right off of the box). LOL
I’ve been in the market for a Bluetooth keyboard for my iPad Air 2, so I decided to give this one a shot. I must admit, I’d seen some mixed reviews but I figured I’d try it out because this thing has a very sleek look and I also love the fact that it has backlit keys as well!

The Basics:
It’s got a hinged keyboard that allows you to adjust your viewing angles up to 135 degrees. It won’t give you 360 degrees, but you do get a pretty good range of motion. This is great for typing and watching movies because it will double as an iPad Air stand.


Zagg says that the Slim Book bluetooth keyboard won’t need to be charged for two years with regular usage! I’ve been using the keyboard for a little over a month, pretty much daily and I haven’t had to charge it once, now that’s impressive!
First Thoughts:
I think very few could argue that this Zagg Slim Book looks very sleek and elegant. It looks like a miniature Macbook when it’s open. In fact I had a flight attendant on a recent flight ask me to put away my laptop prior to take off!
The interior part of the Slim Book keyboard is made of aluminum, while the back is made of plastic. Overall, it’s not that bad, but it is plastic. After using the iPad keyboard case for a little over a month the plastic tends to get a lot of fingerprints and minor scratches easily. I really wish the folks at Zagg would have made the entire case of lightweight aluminum, especially for what it costs.

There’s only four steps required to assemble it. Remove the keyboard from the package, remove the lid, place your tablet in the lid, and place the lid in the keyboard cradle. It’s really just that simple!
Once you put your iPad into the lid, you’ll notice that it’s got a decent feel to it, however there appears to be a little gap in between the edge of the iPad Air 2 and the lid, plus it’s a little loose. I’m concerned about that.
You’re supposed to be able to use this lid as a case when you want to take it away from the keyboard. I’m not sure if it will hold up well, I would not use this lid cover as protection for my iPad, that’s for sure.

UPDATE: After using the Zagg Slim Book for a little over a month and taking the iPad with the lid off of the keyboard, it does hold up really well. I also took it to the gym a couple of times and it was very light weight and had a solid hold on my iPad Air. With that being said, I would still rather use another type of case when I detach the lid from the keyboard. Something more sturdy and protective in case of a drop.

Backlit Keys
That’s one of the things that caught my attention, those back-lit keys. They are also spaced out really nice and makes typing very easy. The keys also have a similar feel to my Macbook pro (another added plus)! One downside is that sometimes there’s a slight lag when you first start typing something (a couple of seconds).

The Zagg iPad Air 2 Bluetooth case weighs in at: 1.6lbs.
It’s not too heavy, I mean it’s not as bad as I thought it would be looking at the front of the packaging and it’s very thin when you think about a keyboard case. I’m totally impressed by that!

Bottomline: I think the Zagg Slim Book iPad Air 2 Bluetooth keyboard gets a lot of things right. Number one it looks great! After using it about a month, I’ve gotten quite a few compliments and that never hurts the ego. It’s pretty light weight for a bluetooth keyboard case and the backlit keys are a total winner in my book! It’s built solid, I haven’t had any problems at all. One thing that I must add, I spilled some water on the keyboard and it still works fine. It was nothing major, I caught the cup before the entire thing spilled on it, but I was really impressed that it still works. If you’ve got the money to spend this is a keeper, quite honestly after I did the first video, I thought I would want to return this for another bluetooth keyboard and now I hope to still be using this for at least several months to come.

Have you tried the Zagg Slim Book bluetooth iPad Air keyboard? If so what do you think?