Wood iPhone 6 Case

I purchased the PT Platinum Black Walnut Wood iPhone 6 Case on the very same day that I purchased my iPhone 6.  As many of you know, I broke my iPhone 6 screen within the 1st month of owning it!

I’m usualIy very careful with my iPhones and I’ve only broken the screen once prior to this.  Oddly enough I broke my iPhone 5 screen the same way, rushing and carrying it with no case.  I love the look of the iPhone naked, so you’ll never catch me with a big bulky iPhone case that will protect my iPhone from “nuclear disaster” (LOL).  In the past week I went on a mission to find an iPhone 6 case that exposed the sleek iPhone 6 design and provided protection.

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I was drawn to the stylish “Genuine Wood” on the back of the case and the fact that I could open it and feel it, before I purchased the iPhone case, was a plus as well.  The PT Platinum Black Walnut Wood iPhone 6 case is really easy to snap on and it seems like it would provide pretty decent protection if dropped.  The bottom of the iPhone is open, so it doesn’t give full protection however, you can easily access all of the ports on your iPhone 6.  The front of the case is slightly raised so that when you lay your iPhone face down the glass won’t actually make contact with the surface.  The cut-out for the iPhone 6 camera is flush, so that when you lay the iPhone on it’s back the lens is not protruding. The PT Platinum iPhone case adds too much bulk for my taste, which is why I took it off prior breaking my iPhone.  After that disaster, I was on a quest to find the perfect case for me, one that provided decent protection and still showcased the thinness of my iPhone 6.  



I found the PT Platinum Black Walnut Wood iPhone 6 Case at Best Buy for $34.99

Do you have this case? If so how would you rate it?


  1. Dianna on September 2, 2015 at 4:38 pm

    i just bought it yesterday, at the cost of 400 mexican pesos (24.5 dlls aprox).
    It got me for the design and feel at the touch. Looks clasic, elegant but i’m not sure how resistant it is… Guess i will know with the pass of the time…

    Same as you, i like the “nude” view of my iphone 6 plus. guess i will look for a bumper from apple… just wanted to have my iphone protected till then.

    Thanks for this review 🙂