Which Apple Watch Should You Get?

The Apple Watch release is fast-approaching with an April 24th launch date and pre-orders starting around 12AM PST on April 10th. But before you head to the Apple store and wait on that never-ending line, I’m gonna make sure you have all the major info you need to help answer the big question: Which Apple Watch should you get?

I’ll go over the different models, features and prices so you can plan how much of a dent you’re willing to put in your wallet. 

Now you may have heard of the various Apple Watches, namely the Apple Watch Sport, the Apple Watch and the Apple Watch Edition.  But what are the real differences between these Apple Watches? Do they have the same features?

In short, they all have the same features but each has a different aesthetic design.

First let’s go over the features inherent in all of them, then we’ll break down the differences in design.

Apple Watch Features


The Apple Watch includes several of the iPhone’s basic features such as messaging, answering phone calls, Maps and Siri. But what makes the watch unique is how you’ll utilize these features.

The watch display wakes up simply by raising your wrist to look at it. When you drop your wrist back to your side it goes to sleep. Man, if any of us had any doubt this was “the future,” the Apple Watch has definitely shattered that! This intuitive feature is way more convenient than say, digging in your purse for your ringing phone or even just reaching into your pocket to pull out your phone.

The slick design of the watch face isn’t cluttered with a bunch of buttons for you to push. Imagine how annoying that would be. Instead, with the new Force Technology incorporated into the Apple Watch, all you need to do is press down firmly on the face to reveal additional buttons to take action. For example when a text message comes in, press down on the message to reveal reply options.

Additional features include the monitoring of your heart beat and your activity levels, keeping track of things such as how much you are walking or sitting and Digital Touch which allows you to send small “sketches” or even your heartbeat to anyone in your contacts.


Digital Touch is probably more of a cute feature. I mean, I can’t see any practical use for sending someone your heartbeat. Unless of course that someone was your doctor. But still, cute never hurt anyone so I’m giving this feature a pass.

This is just an overview of the features so for more in-depth details you can check out the Apple Watch guided tours video below.



Apple Watch Sport Design


The Sport comes in 38mm and 42mm sizes and has a case made from “anodized aluminum” ( a stronger and lighter version of regular aluminum). The screen is made from “ion-strengthened glass” and the back the watch is made of a composite plastic. The band is constructed from fluoroelastomer (a high-performance synthetic rubber or a really complicated word, I don’t know which) and comes in black, pink, green, white and blue.
The lowest price for the Apple Watch Sport is set at $349.

The Apple Watch Design


The Apple Watch also comes in 38mm and 42mm sizes and the stainless steel case kicks off the more robust features of this one. The screen is made of sapphire crystal (sounds fancy right?) and the back is ceramic.

The various bands that can be purchased with this watch will determine your final cost. You can get a simple fluoroelastomer (there’s that word again) sport band in black or white for $549, but as you start investing in leather loop straps (black, light brown, stone or blue) the price goes up to $699. If you invest in a buckle band or a link bracelet prices continue to escalate breaking $1,000.

Really you’re paying for style at this point. So I guess what you have to think about is how much you’re willing to pay to wear an accessory. Something tells me the answer for many of you is, “a lot.”  Decided which Apple Watch should you get yet?

The Apple Watch Edition Design

This is the one that goes beyond the technology offered and is more about style. After all, that is a key part of what Apple’s going for with the Watch Edition: upscale style as well as tech convenience.

Like the others the Edition comes in 38mm and 42mm sizes and like the regular Apple Watch, the screen is made of sapphire crystal and the back of the watch is made of ceramic.

Apple Watch Edition

But here’s where this one is different. The casing is made of 18 karat gold and you can choose between either rose gold or yellow gold. Hmmm…I think they’re appealing to the 1% with this one. What do you think?

The Watch Edition bands range from sport to a variety of buckle bands that come in colors like midnight blue, bright red or rose gray.

The Edition’s lowest price is $10,000. That’s right $10,000! In other words you can probably fly around the world twice and stay in a couple of nice hotels for the price of the cheapest version of this watch. Again this one is most likely going to be sported by those who have money to throw around or those who enjoy sitting in debt as a result of buying things that stroke their ego. Still this doesn’t even come close to the insane luxury of the Apple Watch version by Brikk that will sell for north of $100,000!

If you missed our article regarding that luxurious/insane endeavor check it out here.  >> $100,000 Gold Apple Watch Version Launched By Brikk

I can see the Apple Watch going one of two ways. Either it’s going to be the next revolutionary tech advance that everyone will be jumping on the bandwagon to copy or it’ll be a “cute” toy that finally allows us to live out our Dick Tracy fantasies until we get bored of the gimmick.  By the way 9to5Mac is reporting that Apple is giving it’s employees 50% off any Apple Watch version except the Edition!  Wow!

Either way I’m excited for it. Let me know if this helped you decide the burning question of the day: Which Apple Watch should you get? While you’re at it answer this question: if you had the money, would you drop $10,000 for the Apple Watch? Better yet would you go into debt to buy one? Let’s hear from you!



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