What’s Grandma Say When She Gets An iPhone For Christmas?

So what’s Grandma say when she gets an iPhone for Christmas?

Well this Grandma thought that she’d just gotten an iPhone for Christmas and her first response was, “You’re kidding me!” After carefully opening one of her Christmas presents, this Grandma was not impressed with the thought of getting a brand new iPhone, “I really am not equipped to handle this”.

She goes on to remind her family that she has a landline phone at home (remember those).  What’s even funnier than her first response, is the fact that she doesn’t even recognize that it’s not even an iPhone in the box, it’s an old Nokia! (LMAO)!  After finding out that it’s actually a candy chocolate phone, she appears to be utterly relieved and she then responds: “Now I don’t have to worry about what the hell I’m supposed to do with it.”  This video is so cute, now we just have to wait for the release of the iPhone 6C (the C stands for Chocolate)!

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