What Are My Top Jailbreak Tweaks?

What Are My Top Jailbreak Tweaks?

If you saw my video showing you how to jailbreak your iPhone on iOS 8.4 then you are no doubt ready to get started unleashing the new found power on your iPhone!  I’ll get you started today by showing you what’s on my Jailbroken iPhone.  I’ve tried a ton of Jailbreak tweaks and utilities over the years and these are my “go-to’s” right now.  These are my top jailbreak tweaks that still make me want to jailbreak my iPhone even with the new features that Apple releases with iOS upgrades.  When it comes to iPhone jailbreak tweaks, I’ve got 15 that I simply can’t live without.

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1. Activator Jailbreak Tweak

This app allows you to perform various actions using gestures, shortcuts and buttons to manage different iOS features.  To see how this works in action check out the video below.


 2. Springtomize 3

Springtomize 3 offers you the ultimate in iPhone customizations and it’s one of the first apps I download.  This app allows you to customize a ton of different things on your iPhone.  I love being able to get rid of the background on the dock.  It’s a personal preference of mine because I think it makes my iPhone pages look a lot more clean.  You can also do things like change the color of your control center, hide sections of your control center, hide your lock screen slider, add up to 10 icons to your dock and too many other things to mention, which is why this app always remains one of the top jailbreak tweaks of most people who jailbreak their iDevices.  The best thing to do is jump right in and start playing around with Springtomize 3, this is definitely a 5 star app!
Here’s a video tutorial on Springtomize 3 by Jeff Benjamin of iDownloadblog:

3. Cydelete

Cydelete does something so simple, it allows you to delete a Cydia app just like any other in the App Store. Without this tweak you have to open Cydia, locate the app and then delete it.  This is a cool time saver!

4.  Multi Icon Mover

This is a “must have” app for me and I really wonder why Apple has not integrated this feature into iOS.  
As the name implies, multi-icon mover provides the opportunity to move multiple icons at the same time from screen to screen!  Words can’t really describe how cool this tweak really is so check out the video featured by iMore in a daily tip they posted called “how to move multiple apps at once”. This is a top Jailbreak tweak that simplifies the way you move icons around on your iPhone screen!
Not jailbroken yet?  Check out: How to Jailbreak iOS 8.4 On Mac

5. Anchor

Anchor will let you freely place your icons wherever you want them.  This is a neat little tweak that let’s you make your iPhone screen one of a kind!

Remy Mugen gives you a nice description in his video:

 6. iCleaner Pro

This app will clean your iPhone by deleting cookies, browsing history, temporary files, caches and other unnecessary files and re-claim valuable space on your iDevice.

Video: iCleaner: The ultimate iOS system cleaner!

7. 3G Unrestrictor 5

3G Unrestrictor tricks your iPhone into thinking you’re on WiFi when you’re not!  It will allow you to do things like download apps from the App Store that usually require that you be connected to WiFi.

Video: 3G Unrestrictor 5

8. Swipe Selection

Now this tweak is so cool that Apple decided to add it to iOS 9.  Swipe Selection gives you the ability to use your keyboard to swipe and move your cursor.  iPhone Hacks featured this in a recent post called Take a look at the 7 jailbreak inspired iOS 9 features.

9. Zeppelin

Simply put, Zeppelin lets you customize the look of your boring (just kidding) carrier logo.  Choose options like batman, apple, beats and more!
 Video: Zeppelin – iOS 8 Jailbreak Cydia Tweak

10. Untethered Hey Siri

I talked about the Hey Siri feature in 7 Siri Tricks You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Could Do. Untethered Hey Siri allows you to use it without plugging your iPhone into a power source.  Some people have said that it drains your battery, however I’ve been using this tweak for a while and I don’t notice any significant battery drain.  What about you?

11. Barrel

Barrel is a really popular jailbreak tweak that takes the blah out of changing pages on your iPhone with various transition options.  Barrel offers around 30 different page transition options that will definitely set your iPhone or iPad apart from the norm.  Barrel was listed as one of iGeeksBlog’s 10 Best iOS 8 Cydia Tweaks You Should Install on Your iDevice.

12. MyWi 8

This is a “must-have” jailbreak app for me, I install this every single time I jailbreak!  MyWi 8 is a very popular jailbreak app that lets you create a personal hotspot with your iPhone.  You pay one price $19.99 and no monthly fees.  MyWi has been adding improvements over the years including WiFi to WiFi sharing and creating personal hotspots up 5GHZ.  Redmond Pie did a nice article and goes into more detail in their post: MyWi 8 For iOS 8.3 Released.  Even though it says iOS 8.3, MyWi also works on iOS 8.4 as well.

13. Asphaleia 2

Asphaleia 2 helps you protect your iPhone from prying eyes by giving you the capability of locking apps of your choosing.  The only way they can be unlocked is by using either the Touch ID or entering a valid passcode.  The app is beautifully designed to integrate the finger print scan within the app icon.  I used to use another app a long time ago that worked similarly, so I’m glad to see this type of jailbreak tweak again.

14. Date In Staus Bar

Just as this cool jailbreak tweak’s name suggests, you can add the date in the status bar of you phone.  For me this is no “must-have” jailbreak app, but it sure is cool!

Video: Date In Statusbar – iOS 8 Jailbreak Cydia Tweak

15. Winterboard

Last but certainly far from least is Winterboard.  This is one of the main reasons that most people jailbreak their iDevices.  Winterboard is a jailbreak app that lets you “theme” your iPhone or iPad and there are tons of free and paid themes available in Cydia.  To get a better idea of what I mean check out iPhone Hack’s post: “Top 20 Winterboard Themes For iPhone.”  Winterboard is an app that every jailbreaker needs ion their iPhone.

There you have it!  My top jailbreak tweaks and this is what’s on my iPhone right now.  These tweaks are the reason I will always jailbreak my iDevices and I will continue to as long as there’s a jailbreak available.  I think there will always be developers that will be thinking 3 steps ahead when it comes to providing customized themes and tweaks, with that being said, why would you want a stock iPhone that looks just like everyone else’s?  I know I don’t!

Did your top jailbreak tweaks make the list?  Let Me know In The Comments.