Urban Armor Gear iPad Air 2 Case Review

I recently received an Urban Armor Gear iPad Air 2 Case from the good folks over at UAG to try out and I must admit it did not disappoint.

If you’ve never heard of Urban Armor Gear Cases, these are the same people that conducted a pretty wild experiment where they sent an iPhone 6 over 100,000 feet in the air, right on the edge of space and dropped it! They used 2 GoPro cameras to document the trip and unbelievably, the iPhone 6 and the case survived!

The first thing that caught my eye was the striking color, it’s a bright red case that draws attention. I’ve gotten quite a few compliments on this case as well.  It has an industrial look and feel to it right down to simulated screws on the back side.  The Rogue Folio iPad Air 2 case also came in decent packaging and had holes so that you could touch the “Frogskin Technology grip”.  This grip feels really good and gives the security that my iPad is one: well protected and two: won’t slip from my hands easily.  It’s also water resistant as well.

Now when it comes to the size of any case for my iPad or iPhone, the thinner the better.  I don’t like big bulky cases that take away from the thin, sleek design of my Apple products.  With that being said, I was skeptical when I saw the photos online.  I thought this was gonna be a large heavy case, however I must say that I was quite shocked by the weight.  They make claims of the case being “feather light” on their website and the packaging.  I’m not quite sure I agree with “feather light”, but it is definitely a lot lighter than I expected and the case is not bulky like I thought it would be either.  It’s very easy to carry and doesn’t feel like I’m carrying a brick around!

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urban armor gear ipad air 2 case

When it comes to the overall fit of the Urban Amor iPad Air 2 Case, it sports re-enforced corners and the cutouts for volume buttons, camera, speaker and headphone ports are cut to precision.  It has the sleep wake feature and a magnetic flap that makes sure the case is closed securely.  That magnetic flap can also be a little cumbersome when the case is open, but it’s not a “deal breaker”.

The case is also designed to stand in two positions, it does hold up fine on solid surfaces, but if you’re in bed, it may fall down more often that you would like.  It doesn’t stay up too well when typing either.

urban-armor-gear-ipad-air-2 -case-01

It’s very easy to put your iPad Air in the Rogue Folio UAG case and take it out without breaking a nail (lol). That’s big for me because I like to switch cases often and I don’t want to have wrestle with my case to get it off.

Overall the Urban Armor Gear iPad Air 2 case gets my thumbs up!  Much lighter than expected, great looking case and it seems that it will provided the “military drop test standards” that they claim, although I’m not gonna drop my iPad Air just for the sake of this review! I’ll take their word for on that one.

This case retails for $49.95 on the Urban Armor Gear website, however I found it on Amazon for: $34

Have you tried this case? Let me know what you think in the comments below.