Tales of A Broken iPhone 6

Below are a few Tales of A Broken iPhone 6

Last week I did the unthinkable, I dropped my brand-new iPhone 6 and cracked the screen! I was in a hurry (as usual) for a meeting and I quickly reached for my iPhone. Before I knew it, my brand new iPhone 6 slid out of my hand, “face down” onto the cold concrete below. 

“Noooooo”.  I reached down picked it up and saw the glass shattered right before eyes! I still had to attend my meeting, all the while distracted by the sick feeling I had within me.  

Later that evening I went to Google and tried to find places where I could quickly get my broken iPhone 6 screen repaired.  I couldn’t find anyone who even carried the iPhone 6 screen, so I went to the Apple store.  I didn’t purchase the Apple Care because I’ve had pretty good luck in the past with my iPhones (so much for that luck now).

I was really fortunate that my local Apple Store was replacing broken iPhones that day with new replacement iPhones for the same cost of the screen!  

I was at the Genius Bar waiting for my new iPhone when I heard several tales of the broken iPhone 6.  


One funny story was told by an older lady sitting next to me (my guess is that she was in her late 60’s), she told the Apple Store Employee how she had dropped her iPhone 6 while she was using the bathroom with her iPhone in hand!  I wanted to ask, #1 or #2 LMAO!

That same Apple employee later shared a tale of a construction worker who dropped his iPhone 6 from a building, it was then rolled over by a steamroller, OMG!

Check out this broken iPhone tale I found on Tumblr, I’m still wondering if this is actually true.


I didn’t have a case on my iPhone, even though I had purchased one on the same day I bought the iPhone 6.  I have to admit, I like the sleek look of the iPhone with no case, needless to say I’m testing iPhone cases now to find one that provides protection and can still showcase the thinness of my iPhone 6.

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Check out this video from the guy who dropped his iPhone 6 day one on live TV!

Have you broken your iPhone 6 screen?  If so, tell us about it in the comments.