Turn Your iPad Into A Mini MacBook!

iPad Keyboard Case Review

In my humble opinion, the BrydgeAir iPad keyboard case may be one of the best iPad Air keyboard cases you can get for your iPad.  It’s an aluminum Bluetooth keyboard made for the iPad Air and the iPad Air 2.  I’ll give you my pros, cons, final verdict and then you be the judge. [Tweet…

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Zagg Slim Book: The Best iPad Air 2 Keyboard Case?


Today we’re gonna take a look at the Zagg Slim Book iPad Air 2 Bluetooth Keyboard case.It’s an ultra slim tablet keyboard and detachable case, (yes, I’m reading this right off of the box). LOL I’ve been in the market for a Bluetooth keyboard for my iPad Air 2, so I decided to give this…

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Top 5 iOS 8 Features You’ll Love!


There’s still quite a few things to celebrate with the new iOS 8 firmware.  Here are my Top 5 iOS 8 Features I think you’ll love! 1. Real-Time Voice Dictation This is a great improvement over the older iOS 7 iPhone voice dictation app, because now when you hit the microphone button next to the…

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