7 Interesting iPhone 7 Rumors You Should Know About

iphone 7 pro leaked cases

  There have been so many rumors and concepts floating around the internet for months and some for even years.  A lot of these rumors and concepts are from reliable sources and others are the creation of some people with really great imaginations.   I don’t know about you, but I’m really excited to see…

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Spigen Neo Hybrid Ex iPhone 6 Case Review

spigen neo hybrid ex iphone 6s-02

I’m going to review the Spigen Neo Hybrid Ex iPhone 6 case with metalized buttons. The case I have fits the iPhone 6S Plus and the 6 Plus. But it also comes in different sizes and colors, so you can probably get it for your particular iPhone model as well. I bought this case for…

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iPhone 6 Wallet Case Review: Q Card

best-iphone-6-wallet-case 2

Today I’m going to review this Q Card iPhone 6 Wallet Case. Now, this is for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, but you can also use it on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus as well.  This case is actually a “Best Seller” on Amazon and it’s one of the best iPhone wallet cases you can…

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Best Selling iPhone 6 and 6s Accessories – Part 3

Best Selling iPhone 6 and 6s Accessories Part 3

This week is the last part of our three part series focusing on some of best selling iPhone 6 and 6s accessories that you can get. Although we talk about the iPhone 6 and 6s, most of these accessories can be used on almost any iPhone model and some of them even work with iPads as well.…

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How To Clear Safari Cache On iPhone

how to clear safari cache on iphone

Safari is just like any other web browser out there, it stores all kinds of website data. They do this to help speed up frequently visited website page load times and keep the data more easily accessible. The down side to this is that it can take up quite a bit of space on your iPhone…

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