Luvvitt Clearview iPhone 6 Case Review


In my quest to find a thin iPhone 6 case, I found the Luvvitt Clearview iPhone 6 Case and when they say it fits your iPhone 6 “like a glove”, they mean it!  Of the three iPhone Cases I tried, the Luvvitt case was the one that felt most like my iPhone 6 had nothing…

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Neo Hybrid Spigen iPhone 6 Case


The Neo Hybrid Spigen iPhone 6 Case touts “Advanced Shock Absorption and Dual Layer Protection”.  At first glance this case looks great, it’s very thin so that in itself is a winner in my book. The iPhone case actually comes in two pieces which include a UV-coated hard polycarbonate frame that gives the iPhone 6 case…

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Wood iPhone 6 Case


I purchased the PT Platinum Black Walnut Wood iPhone 6 Case on the very same day that I purchased my iPhone 6.  As many of you know, I broke my iPhone 6 screen within the 1st month of owning it! I’m usualIy very careful with my iPhones and I’ve only broken the screen once prior…

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