How to use guided access for iPhone parental control

how to use guided access

Guided Access on the iPhone allows you to set up restrictions that you can use as parental controls for your kids. It gives you the ability to “child proof” your iPhone or iPad! [Tweet “How to use guided access for iPhone parental control.”] This can range from allowing you to do things as simple as preventing…

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7 Simple iOS 8.4 iPhone Tips and Tricks Most People Miss


7 Simple iOS 8.4 iPhone Tips and Tricks Most People Miss As always, I’ve got some great iPhone and iPad tips and tricks to share! If you haven’t heard of these before, then you’ve been missing out!  I’ll show you how to create keyboard shortcuts, how to create a fix for your broken home button and more!  So…

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How To Change Your iPhone Email Signature


Did you know that it’s pretty easy to change that “Sent from my iPhone” email signature on your iPhone or iPad?     This iPhone tip will only take you just a couple of minutes and you can customize each signature so that it can include your name, website address, Facebook or Twitter handle, jazz it…

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3 Easy iPhone Tips!

3 easy iphone tips and tricks

Here are  3 easy iPhone tips that come in really handy! Tip # 1: Block a caller or text messages from a caller. Go to recent’s and hit the info icon, after that simply scroll to the bottom and tap block caller. This is a great feature for finally getting rid of annoying phone calls…

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