How To Force Refresh The App Store App

how to force refresh app store app

I’m gonna show you how to quickly force refresh the App Store App. A Twitter user named Zachary Drayer published a Tweet that really started a firestorm. He said doing this is going to force the App Store to essentially clear it’s cache and reload everything. He helped another Twitter user, Peter Steinberger who had issues…

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Apple Music Streaming App: The Essentials


Apple Music Streaming App Unless you’ve been living under a rock there’s no doubt you’ve heard about the Apple Music Streaming App. This is Apple’s newest venture that is geared towards conquering yet another field, this time the streaming music model, much like Spotify and Pandora. They tried it before with iTunes Radio but that turned…

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Seven Cool iOS 8 Widgets


Seven cool iOS 8 widgets that you can access from your notification screen.   For those of you that don’t know, iOS notification center widgets allow you to easily access some of your favorite apps right from your notification center. To add iOS 8 widgets to your iPhone or iPad, just swipe down from the top…

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Turn Your iPad Into Typewriter with Hanx Writer App


Turn Your iPad Into Typewriter with Hanx Writer App. While perusing the iTunes app store, I came across this cool iPad app called Hanx Writer.  The app is featured as an Editor’s Choice in the iTunes app store and the current version has over 700 ratings (as of this writing) with a 4.5 star average.  The app…

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Stunning iPhone and iPad Game – Blek


I recently tried this STUNNING iPhone and iPad game called Blek. First off, I don’t typically play a lot of games on my iPad or iPhone. But there was something about the ad that I saw on youtube for this iPhone and iPad app that really intrigue me.  I’m  pretty sure it was the simplistic animation.…

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