Stunning iPhone and iPad Game – Blek

I recently tried this STUNNING iPhone and iPad game called Blek.

First off, I don’t typically play a lot of games on my iPad or iPhone. But there was something about the ad that I saw on youtube for this iPhone and iPad app that really intrigue me.  I’m  pretty sure it was the simplistic animation.

Now for the bad… It’s simplistic. There’s really no direction except for a couple of hints at the beginning as to how to play the Blek game. No menu, it’s either play or don’t.

Now for the good… It’s simplistic. If you’re like me and play games just to pass time, the Blek iPhone and iPad game is a challenging, creative and elegant game that I have yet to master but can’t wait to try again when I get the time.

Stunning iPhone and iPad Game - Blek

This iPhone and iPad app was developed by two Austrian brothers also known as “Kunabi brother “.  After searching the web and researching the Blek iPhone and iPad game, I found their site and it gave the goal of the game.  “To shape a line that collects all colored circles avoiding black holes on its route”. They go on to say that every level has countless solutions, another reason this isn’t your average puzzle game. This elegant iPad and iPhone game has won several awards including “Excellence in innovation” – International Mobile Gaming Awards 2014.  The New York Times says “The game looks like modern art and plays extraordinarily well…It’s one of the year’s best iPad games”.

You can find the iPhone app and the iPad app in the iTunes or app store for $2.99.

Current App store ranking

4.5 stars

IPad App – #6 Paid App (4/28/2014)

iPhone App – #2 paid App (4/28/2014)

For me this app is definitely worth three bucks! Have you try this game? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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