Spigen Neo Hybrid Ex iPhone 6 Case Review

I’m going to review the Spigen Neo Hybrid Ex iPhone 6 case with metalized buttons. The case I have fits the iPhone 6S Plus and the 6 Plus. But it also comes in different sizes and colors, so you can probably get it for your particular iPhone model as well.

I bought this case for my rose gold iPhone 6s Plus and I’m gonna to give you the pros and the cons because I’ve had this case probably close to six months now.

What’s In The Spigen Neo Hybrid Box?

spigen neo hybrid ex iphone 6s-02

First of all make sure that you have a certificate of authenticity from Spigen, that’s going to assure that you’ve got the real deal.

Now, this particular case comes in two pieces. One is a clear bendable TPU casing and it’s really easy to put it on your iPhone. I’ve found that it holds up pretty well and I haven’t had major problems with fingerprints and smudges.  You also get a PC or a polycarbonate bumper with reinforced cutouts and metalized buttons.  This bumper adds a punch of color that really makes this iPhone case a winner in my book!


Spigen Neo Hybrid Ex iPhone 6 Case Installation:

The Spigen Ex case is extremely easy to install, start by sliding the clear TPU flexible shell on  it.  Next here’s the easy way to install the bumper (I picked this tip up from someone on Amazon). They said to lay your iPhone facedown and place the right corner on first and just go around the iPhone until you hear it snap into place.

Spigen iPhone Case Design

This is a beautiful case, I mean in my opinion it’s absolutely gorgeous. The color of this iPhone 6s case matches up almost perfectly!  Even though you can get it in several colors, if you’ve got a rose gold iPhone, you’re iPhone will thank you for this case!

spigen neo hybrid ex iphone 6 case

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One of the other things about this Spigen case is that it’s very light weight and it’s also a pretty thin case.  It has a 0.8 millimeter lip so that when you lay your iPhone facedown, the screen won’t touch the surface.

The case also had nice silver volume and power buttons that I found easy to use meaning you don’t have to apply a ridiculous amount of pressure.  The cutouts for the camera, mute button, headphones, charging port and speaker are all reinforced so the case can withstand a little more wear and tear.

Spigen Neo Hybrid Ex iPhone 6s Case Review2

Now, one of the things I’ve had problems with is that my car charger never fit any of my Spigen iPhone cases in the past.  This has been a major hindrance for me and I’ll choose another brand just because of that, I hate taking my phone out of its case just to charge it if I’m in the car.  In knew that I was gonna to do this review so I decided to pick up another car charger from Amazon and see if that one would work.  I picked up a charger that had really good reviews (a company called Hama) and to my surprise it works!

I also don’t like the fact that it adds a little width to my already big iPhone 6s Plus, for me that takes a little getting used to.  I think if you’re a man it’ll be a lot easier to tolerate, but the case definitely add more width to the phone.

The other con is that it can be a little cumbersome to take off. The bad news is that its gonna take some work to remove the case, but the good news is that you know it’s got a secure fit.

The only other aspect I didn’t like, was that the mute button can be a bit difficult to toggle on and off  because it’s recessed.  Other than that, I think this Spigen Neo Hybrid Ex iPhone 6 case is a great iPhone accessory, especially the rose gold model.

You can pick this case up on Amazon for $17.99 much less than the retail pice of $34.99.

Have you used this Spigen Neo Hybrid Ex iPhone 6 case?  If so let me know what you think about it in the comments below.  Did this help you decide?