Pangu iOS 9 Jailbreak For Mac Stuck At 30%? Here’s The Fix!

Pangu iOS 9 jailbreak for Mac stuck at 30%? Here’s the fix! 

Here’s my experience jailbreaking the iPhone 6s Plus on iOS 9.02 with Pangu. I recently, well actually yesterday just jailbroke my iPhone 6s Plus! I’ve read how easy it could be with a Mac using a virtual machine.  I usually just wait for the Mac version to come out, but this time I was really anxious.  Most who’ve upgraded their iOS from a jailbreak to get a new iPhone know what I mean (Lol).

Truth be told, it took me probably a little over an hour to get my iPhone 6s Plus jailbroken using a virtual machine. The jailbreak process seemed forever stuck at 30% and now I want to make sure that you can learn from what I did.

I jailbroke my 6s using 3 things:

  1. Parallel Desktop 11 (14 day free trial).
  2. Windows 7 (I just like it better, call me crazy!!!)
  3. iTunes 12.3 downloaded on the Virtual Machine

I saw a great video by Jeff Benjamin over at iDownloadBlog that was a very detailed, however my jailbreak took longer than his 20 minutes. Shout out Jeff, it really was a great step-by-step video!  Here are the things I overlooked, while rushing.  Hopefully this will save you quite a bit of time and I know it will resolve that stuck at 30% issue!

I’m going to be honest when my jailbreak got stuck, it was quite frustrating because I like to do things fast…I mean like yesterday fast and this was taking way too long.  I kept trying things and I knew I had followed Jeff’s instructions verbatim.  I had to find out what I was doing wrong, now check this out.

The first thing I found was that,

  1. I wasn’t running the Pangu Jailbreak tool as the administrator. To do this just right click on the Pangu application, next right click on Pangu again then click on ‘Run As Administrator’.

    Pangu iOS 9 jailbreak for Mac stuck at 30-1

  2. The next thing you want to do when it’s stuck at 30%  is to make sure you just have a little patience, it may take about 15 – 20 minutes or so.  Now right below that 30% display you’ll That it says “Backing Up…” and as long as you see the percentages moving on that display, you’re in good shape!   When “backing up” reads 100% the rest of the process will continue, again just be patient.


Pangu iOS 9 jailbreak for Mac stuck at 30

I finally got my jailbreak and now I’m just anxiously awaiting all of the updates to my favorite jailbreak tweaks.  I found an iOS 9 Jailbreak compatibility list on Reddit and from my understanding it’ll be updated pretty often.

Pangu iOS 9 jailbreak for mac

Another thing that will ensure your jailbreak runs smoothly and it’s really important, you want to make sure that you download the iTunes 12.3 on your virtual machine and once you have it downloaded make sure that iTunes recognizes your iPhone.

Heres’s the official Pangu download link:

Did you get stuck at 30% using the Pangu jailbreak for Mac?  If so, tell me about it in the comments below.


  1. rocco bajgai on November 29, 2015 at 1:02 am

    I have IPod 5g ios 9.0 I tried to do everything still it stuck at 30 % and when I get pangu app on iPod it says untrusted enterprise developer. On the computer it say configuring environment and stuck at 30% after done with backup and rebooting same things goes I waste 3 hours tryna do it can someone help me fix this please and thank you….