Montar Universal Car Mount – Best iPhone Car Mount?

I’ve recently had the opportunity of trying out the Montar Universal Car Mount by WinnerGear and this just may be the best iPhone car mount out there right now!  I really don’t say this lightly, I’ve been using this car mount for over 2 months and it’s held up great especially with my driving (lol).  It hasn’t fallen or dropped my iPhone so I’m totally impressed!

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Montar Universal Car Mount - Best iPhone Car Mount03


This car mount is universal so it will hold any model iPhone or iPod.  The iPhone car mount is absolutely perfect for GPS or keeping children or passengers entertained while you do the driving.

One of the great things I found about this product is that it was really simple to setup and the suction really lasts!

Seriously, the folks at Winnergear claim that you can install the Montar car mount and release it with just one hand and much to my surprise, I found this to be true.

It’s a little hard to remove with one hand because of the tight suction, however it can be done without much force.


Montar Universal Car Mount - Best iPhone Car Mount01


It does not fall down and hasn’t in the weeks I’ve been using it, plus this iPhone car mount has a great grip on my phone so I have confidence that it won’t fall.  It also works just fine even if you have a case on your iPhone (this was a problem I’ve had in the past).

9to5 Mac says that the Montar universal car mount is one of the “best iPhone car mounts we’ve tried”.

I put mine in the windshield because I found that it’s is also really compact so it doesn’t distract me or create any blind spots while I’m driving. The way my car is designed it wasn’t too practical for me to put it on the dashboard.

By the way, if you want to put yours on your dashboard and get a really solid mount, WinnerGear provides 3M film as well.

I didn’t try the 3M film but I can only hope it holds up as well as the suction cup.

I have to admit that I also like the sleek design, it’s made of plastic but it doesn’t feel like it’s gonna break or crack easily, it feels as sturdy as they come!

Matthew Miller of ZDNet says “I won’t go on a business trip without it now and it makes a great gift for your traveling family member or friend.”


Montar Universal Car Mount - Best iPhone Car Mount04

The bottom line: if you’re looking for a car mount for your iPhone that will do what it says it will, this is the one!

It normally retails for $34.99 but I found it on Amazon for $29.99.   
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Have you tried the Montar Universal car mount?  If so what were your thoughts?



  1. Cam H on August 22, 2015 at 12:09 am

    i want to win this.

    I have tried so many different car mounts. I like the idea that its one handed, i like the idea that it looks solid.

    winner for materials how they look. i like the slide open for iPhone to lock in.

    Does it stay solid when driving?