Is The Apple Watch Waterproof?

I know it’s early in the release of the Apple Watch, but I’ve already found several videos to share with you of extreme testing and torturing of the Apple Watch. The first two videos try to answer the question: Is the Apple Watch waterproof?

According to Apple the “Apple Watch is splash and water resistant but not waterproof”.  They go on to state that you can use it while doing things like washing your hands, exercising or even if you get caught in the rain.  But they don’t advise “submerging the Apple Watch”.  Now according TechnoBuffalo, Tim Cook says he wears his Apple Watch “even in the shower .”


Many consumers have complained that Apple should have made the Apple Watch Sport completely waterproof.  This rings true especially among avid swimmers.

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Now thanks to the guys over at FoneFox and MW Technology , we have a better idea of how waterproof the Apple Watch actually is. According to John at FoneFox, their goal was to take the Apple Watch out “and basically destroy it!” Must be nice to have that kind of money to just throw away!

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They started with a simple splash test, followed by a five-minute shower test.

Next FoneFox completely submerged the Apple Watch in a bucket of water for another five minutes. Finally they decided to go out for a swim with the Apple Watch on for another 15 minutes.  Let me know what you think of this video in the comments section.


I also found another video on YouTube by MW Technology and the host Maj took the waterproof testing to a “whole nother level” when he decided to see how much water the Apple Watch could sustain by putting it in a washing machine for 15 minutes!  You’ve got to see this one!

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Take a look at these videos to see what happened and decide for yourself, is the Apple Watch Waterproof?

Question: Would you go for a swim with your Apple Watch on after watching these videos?