iPhone 6 Wallet Case Review: Q Card

Today I’m going to review this Q Card iPhone 6 Wallet Case. Now, this is for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, but you can also use it on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus as well.  This case is actually a “Best Seller” on Amazon and it’s one of the best iPhone wallet cases you can get for your iPhone!

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I’m gonna go over some of the top features for you and I’ll to let you know what I liked and what I didn’t like about this iPhone case. So stick with me for this quick review. If you check out the video , I do a quick unboxing as well.





I wanted a wallet case because it feels like sometimes I’ve got bricks inside of my purse (LOL)!  Even when I clean it out, it’s still so heavy, I just don’t understand! You guys probably can’t relate to that, but for the ladies out there, I know they feel my pain. In either case, I wanted something that would definitely cut the bulk out and if I wanted to go walking or jogging, I could carry my iPhone, my ID and a credit card, with without the need for anything else. This Q Card case definitely lives up to it’s “Ditch the Wallet catch phrase!

What liked about this iPhone 6 Wallet Case

  • One of the biggest things for me that stood out is the fact that this thing is so thin and light, it touts an “Ultra Slim Design” and ultimately delivers on that claim.
  • I really like the “Quick-Access” slot on the case because it’s really easy to push your credit cards out of the case when you need them.  Eventually you’ll be able to fit 3 cards, I used mine with just 2, because it was a really tight fit.  No worries, because the manufacturers admit that it will take a few days before the fabric loosens up and expands, although they don’t recommend using more than 3 cards.
  • I also like the fact that it has a “Lay-Flat Screen Guard”.  In layman’s terms: the case is raised above the iPhone’s screen, so that when you lay your phone face down, the iPhone glass is not going to touch the surface. Cool points for that!



  • On the camera, it has a “Flash Guard”. I’ll be honest with you, I had no clue what that meant so I went to their website and discovered ummm…nothing.  So I kept searching the internet and found that a flash guard eliminates flash flare from your photos.
  • It’s easy to install and the buttons respond pretty good too (you don’t have to apply a huge amount of pressure like some other cases I’ve tried).
  • You’ve also got easy access to the charging port, headphone adapter and the iPhone speakers are cut out nicely.



  • You can easily use your car charger. Even though my car charger was not a perfect fit, it charged my iPhone in my car without having to take the case off and that’s a huge plus for me!  I’ve got quite a few cases by some top brands that I literally have to take the case off before I can charge my iPhone it in my car.

What I didn’t like about the Q Card iPhone 6 wallet case

  •  It was hard to get 3 cards to fit. But as I mentioned earlier, after you use it a little while, the fabric loosens up and you can get them in there. When you do get 3 cards in the case, it does add a little more bulk and doesn’t make the case look as good as it does with just a couple of cards in there. That is just my opinion and I’ll admit it’s pretty minor.
  • The only other thing I didn’t quite like about the case is that it’s a bit pricey. It costs $40 and I’ve gotten some really cool cases for around a $20 mark.




Overall, I’m giving the Q Card wallet case thumbs up!  If you want an iPhone case that gets rid of the need to carry a huge wallet or purse around and you can still have access to a couple of credit cards, ID and maybe some cash, you won’t go wrong with the Q Card iPhone 6 wallet case!

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Just curious, why do you like wallet cases over other iPhone cases?  Let me know in the comments.