How To Setup Apple Pay


I must admit, I didn’t jump onboard the Apple Pay train right away. But I figure now is as good a time as any! I’m going to show you how to setup Apple Pay on your iPhone. It sounds easy enough, using NFC (near field communication), you don’t even have to open an app to…

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How To Change Your iPhone Email Signature


Did you know that it’s pretty easy to change that “Sent from my iPhone” email signature on your iPhone or iPad?     This iPhone tip will only take you just a couple of minutes and you can customize each signature so that it can include your name, website address, Facebook or Twitter handle, jazz it…

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How to Make Phone Calls With an iPad!


How to Make Phone Calls With an iPad! With iOS 8 there are many great features that help you get the most from your iPad and iPhone.  This is a quick tutorial on How to make phone calls with an iPad using iOS 8 or higher. 1.  Make sure that you have both your iPad and…

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