How To Use The Reminders App On Your iPad or iPhone

How To Use The Reminders App On Your iPad or iPhone

You can use the iPad and iPhone reminders app to remind you to do everything from closing your garage door before you leave the house, to reminding you to get that gallon of milk the next time you head out to the grocery store! I will show you quickly, how to use the reminders app on your iPad or iPhone.

In order to set up a list on your iPad or iPhone first open the reminders app, next click on new list, from here you can name your list and also choose a color for the tab as well.  For this example, I’m going to name this my “Grocery list”.  After you name your list and select a color for the tab, select done.

iphone-reminder-app-02     iphone-reminder-app-02

It’s really just that simple to set up a list to remind you of almost anything and when you combine this feature along with Siri, you’ll soon be using your iPad or iPhone like a pro!

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What do you use the reminders app for most often?