How to use guided access for iPhone parental control

Guided Access on the iPhone allows you to set up restrictions that you can use as parental controls for your kids. It gives you the ability to “child proof” your iPhone or iPad!

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This can range from allowing you to do things as simple as preventing your child from changing the volume to disabling their ability to exit the app they are currently viewing.  It’s perfect if you want to give children a movie to watch or an app to use and you don’t want them exiting out to do other things like go on a shopping spree in the App Store (LOL!).  Follow the directions below and I’ll show you how to use guided access for iPhone parental control.

  • Go to ‘SETTINGS from your home screen —> Scroll down to ‘GENERAL
  • Switch the toggle for ‘GUIDED ACCESS to ‘ON
  • You can also use Touch ID as well

how to use guided access-2

This is where it gets interesting, let’s get started “child proofing” our iPhone!

  • Open the App or Movie you want your Child using
  • Tap the ‘HOME button three times quickly (triple click)
  • In the bottom left hand corner click ‘OPTIONS’  from here you ca set a time limit if you like and limit access to volume buttons, keyboards, touch sensors and more.  When you’re finished click ‘DONE’
  • Next click ‘START

how to use guided access (2)


After you’ve set this up, if your child tries to leave the app or movie they’ll be prompted to enter the password that hopefully only you know!

how to use guided access 3

Of course it’s probably a good idea to also tell you how to pause or disable the guided access right?

  • Tap the ‘HOME button three times quickly (triple click)
  • Enter the passcode that you chose when you set up guided access

There you have it!  By using guided access on your iPhone, you’ll will be able to have better control of what your child is doing when you hand over your iPad or iPhone.

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