How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer

I’ve been asked this question plenty of times and I did a tutorial which showed how to transfer photos from iPhone to computer/Mac, but today I’ll show you how to easily transfer photos from your iPhone or iPad directly to your PC.

This will help you to free up space on your iPhone or iPad and at the same time allow you to organize your photos and videos on your computer or better yet an external drive. I prefer storing mine on an external drive because it will also free up space on my PC.
If you need directions on how to do this on a Mac, you can check out my last tutorial here.
Let’s get started, this pretty much works on any version of Windows, however I’m using Windows 10.

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The first thing you want to do is to plug in your iPhone using your Lightning to USB cable.
If it’s your first time doing this you’re probably gonna get a message that will ask you what you want to happen every time you plug this device in. You can choose to: Automatically import pictures and videos, Play using the Windows Media Player or Open folder to view files. I chose to open the folder so that I can view my file (that way you can see what’s on your iPhone).

windows options
Here’s another easy way to access that same folder on your PC. Click on the Start menu, next click on File Explorer, now you’ll see your iPhone in the sidebar, so you’ll want to click on that ‘Apple iPhone’ icon.
Also note that when you connect your iPhone, you’ll get a pop-up message. It’s going to ask you: “Allow this device to access photos and videos?” Click “Allow”.
After you’ve done that, go ahead and double-click on ‘Internal Storage’.
Next you’ll see a folder called ‘DCIM’ (Double-click that).
My iPhone shows two folders: One says “100 Apple” and one says “101 Apple”. These folders store photos, videos and any other media on my iPhone. I’ve got a lot of photos and videos, so they are being stored in two separate folders.


How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer 2
Once you click on a folder to open, it loads all of your photos and you’ll see them lined up.
Now that you’ve found your photos and videos on your iPhone or iPad, you can choose to move them either on your PC directly or you can use an external hard drive. Again, my choice is usually to use an external hard drive, but I’ll show you how to do both.

Storing Files on Your PC

• Right-click on your desktop. Scroll down to “New” and create a new folder and name it.
• Now, you can move photos from your iPhone either one by one (click and drag it over).
• You can also move multiple photos at one time.
• Now if you want all of them in order, just click on the first photo you want to move, next hold down the “Shift” key and at the same time, click on the last photo that you want to move to your computer. Now simply drag those over to the folder on your desktop that you just created.
• If you have individual photos that aren’t in order, you’ll want to hold down the “Control” key and select the individual photos or videos that should go on the PC.
By doing this, you don’t have to keep them in any specific order and once you’re finished, just drag to the folder you created on your desktop.


Storing Files on an External Hard Drive

• The first thing you’ll want to do is connect your external hard drive to your computer. Now you do the same thing you did in the desktop directions. While in the external drive folder, right-click and scroll to “New folder”, again create and label your folder.
To make transferring easier you can open two separate windows. To do that just right-click on “Apple iPhone” and click “open a new window”. Now you can access both of these folders at the same time. You’ll follow the same steps as you did for storing files directly on your PC.
• Click: Internal storage >DCIM, > Apple iPhone

So that’s how you transfer your photos from iPhone to computer. Remember, you can use this with your iPhone or iPad and transfer media to an external drive as well. I hope this helps let me know your thoughts in the comments below.