How To Remove Scratches From Apple Watch

I wanted to share with you something that recently happened to me. I was devastated to see that I had scratched my Apple watch. There was one pretty long scratch along the side and some other minor scratches as well.

After spending the money that I spent on this watch, I was really disappointed. I was in shock like, “Oh, my god. I can’t believe I scratched this watch like this,” but they say even Rolex watches that are made of stainless steel get scratched too, so it comes with the territory, I guess. That made me feel a tad bit better.

I immediately went on the hunt to try to find something that would remove these scratches from my watch. After doing a little research online, I found this product.  It’s called Cape Cod metal polishing clothes. I saw several reviews, so I decided to try these because a lot of people say that some of the paste stuff, can get into the little nooks and crannies of the watch and would be extremely hard to remove. After weighing everything that I had researched, I decided to go with the Cape Cod metal polishing clothes.

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In the tin can that I purchased were 12 cleaning clothes, a polishing cloth and gloves that you’re supposed to wear as well because apparently this is not too good for your skin. Cape Cod says that it cleans, polishes, and protects.  You can use it on silver, gold, brass, copper, nickel, pewter, aluminum and stainless steel!  Let’s dig in and see how this bad boy works!

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I started by putting the gloves on. You also want to make sure that your watch is clean before you do this, so use the polishing cloth to make sure that everything is clean. They say you want to make sure there’s no dust particles on there either because apparently if you’ve got a dust particle, it can make a scratch even worse.

The next step is to open the cleaning clothes and vigorously rub the sides of the Apple Watch using pressure and just be careful not get any of the solution on the face of the watch.  While doing this, you will accumulate black stuff on the cleaning clothes and they say that’s the stainless steel.  So I guess it’s kind of grinding it down a little bit and polishing it so that it can get those scratches out. I went at it really hard because I thought that was a pretty deep scratch that I had.

how to remove apple watch scratches04

​I’ve got to be honest, it took a little longer than I expected and you may need to apply a good amount of pressure especially if you have a deep scratch like I did.  I ended up using 3 of the cleaning clothes, I tried to spit shine this bad boy!  However with that being said, I was really pleased with the end result and extremely happy that my Apple Watch was once again “Scratch-Free”.

how to remove apple watch scratches-after

So this is a very easy and inexpensive way to remove scratches from your Apple Watch.

Have you tried this Cape Cod product? If so what did you think? Leave me a comment below.

You can get 12 polishing clothes on Amazon for $14.14 (it’s got a 4.5 star rating).