Easy iPhone Camera Tricks You Should Try Right Now

Easy iPhone Camera Tricks You Should Try Right Now

Ok, let’s be honest with one another.  We use our “iPhone” as more of a camera than anything else and with the iPhone 6 camera’s ability to take such high quality photos, it’s not hard to understand why. But I’m willing to bet money on the fact that there are secrets to the iPhone camera that you don’t know about.  Well I’m going to unlock those secrets for you and show you how to use your iPhone camera to get so much more out it. Here are easy iPhone camera tricks you should try right now!

There’s More Than One Way To Snap A Photo

 The iPhone camera has the obvious intuitive button in the center lower half of the screen when the camera is open, which is used to snap the photo.

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But that’s not necessarily the easiest way to snap it, especially if you’re taking a selfie.


The up or down volume button on the side of your iPhone will serve the same function as that center button. This comes in handy if you’re holding your phone out for a selfie with only one hand. It’s very difficult to stretch your thumb or finger to that center button on the screen without dropping the phone. Trust me, I’ve shattered more than one screen trying it. With your fingers already wrapped around the sides just simply tap one of the volume buttons and voila, you’ve snapped a photo!


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Here’s another crazy simple iPhone camera trick you’ll want to try. What if you want to take a photo, but you’ve got the camera set down on a table or something, not in your hand?  Again it’s very simple. As long as you’ve got your headphones plugged in you can just use the volume up or down buttons on the remote and BAM! Another photo snapped! This is particularly helpful if you’re trying to get a steadier picture without the swaying of your hand causing it to blur.

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Create Wild Videos With Your iPhone Camera!

Do not underestimate the awesomeness in the “slo-mo” and “time lapse” functions on your video. Unless you’ve actually used these modes you may not understand what I’m talking about.

All you have to do to use these functions is to open your camera, swipe right until you get to the “slo-mo” or “time lapse” setting, point and shoot. Then sit back and watch the playback.  This is just another amazing iPhone camera trick already included!

I’ve got at least 30 slo-mo videos of my dog, Max, running like a wild man through the snow and jumping and playing with other dogs. Seeing this in slo-mo is greater than any action scene I’ve ever seen. His ears and tail are clearly defined in HD while moving eerily slow. You can even set it to 120 FPS (frames per second) or 240 FPS by tapping the bottom-right corner, if you want to change how slow it goes.

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The time lapse video does the opposite of the slo-mo and speeds it up, dramatically. Try taking a video in “time lapse” as your plane is rushing down the runway or as you’re driving down an open road (obviously only do it if you’re not the one driving, it goes without saying, right?).  Make sure you get enough video to make this worthwhile as it will easily take a minute of video and play it back to you in seconds.  Check out this insane time lapse video by iTwe4kz


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iPhone Screenshots Can Come In Handy

Ok, so a screenshot is not technically your camera, so sue me. This is a very useful iPhone camera function though. Here’s how you take a screenshot of whatever is on your phone screen at that moment.

Click the home button and the lock/power button at the same time. The lock/power button is on on the right side of your phone as you’re looking at the screen or if you have an iPhone earlier than the 6, it is on the top.


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The screen will flash white and that’s it.


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Go to your photo library and it will show up as the last photo you took. Now remember, you must hit these two buttons simultaneously otherwise it won’t work.

That’s what I have for you for now. I’ll be sure to write you another article on the million other features of your iPhone camera, but for now try out these easy iPhone camera tricks and have some fun with them. Get out there, ya nut, and take some wild pics and videos! Let us know how these tricks worked for you!