Best Selling iPhone 6 and 6s Accessories Part 2

This week we continue to look at some of the best selling iPhone 6 and 6s accessories that you can get for your iPhone. Keep in mind that we focus on the newer iPhones in this article, but most of the featured accessories are compatible with all iPhone models and you can also use them with iPads as well.  

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4.Bluetooth Speakers

Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker

Best Selling iPhone 6 and 6s Accessories-bose-soundlink-color

Bose is known for their high-quality speakers and headphones so it’s no wonder they made our list. Bluetooth speakers are one of the great advantages of having a smartphone. Simply by linking up, you can play anything on your phone directly through the speakers without the need for cords.


Made for ease and portability the Bose SoundLink can be tossed in your bag and taken with you. It’s as simple to use as pairing it with your iPhone or other bluetooth capable device. One cool thing is that you can pair two devices at once allowing you to switch between them. Think a poor man’s DJ’ing.  As the title implies they are colored allowing you to choose from black, white, blue, red or mint.

You can buy one for $129 on




Marshall Stanmore SpeakerBest Selling iPhone 6 and 6s Accessories-marshall-stanmore-bluetooth-speakerIf you’re looking for something classy, maybe a little retro then the Marshall Stanmore Speaker is your baby. Though it’s another portable Bluetooth speaker, it packs quite a wallop (are people still using that word?).

It doesn’t only look retro, it also allows you to plug a record player in via an RCA input, although most of you will just use the Bluetooth pairing option.

This speaker is perfect if you need to fill a room with sound but don’t want to spend thousands on large speakers.

The cheapest place you’ll find the Marshall Stanmore Speaker is on for $294.99. It’s about $100 cheaper than other places like


5. Car Mounts

 Montar Universal Car Mount

Best Selling iPhone 6 and 6s Accessories-Montar-Car-Mount

Car mounts are wildly useful and safer than holding your phone in your hand, especially when GPS’ing. We searched far and wide through vast valleys and over towering mountains to find the perfect car mount for you. Okay, so we just searched the internet. But still there was some carpel tunnel involved.

The Montar Universal Car Mount works with a variety of smartphones but most importantly with the iPhone 6 and 6s, not to mention the Plus versions. It even works when you have your phone in a case. Believe it or not, not all car mounts can claim that.

As soon as it’s removed from its packaging you’ll notice that this isn’t a cheap product. The gel-like suction cup allows it to stick to almost any surface. But don’t worry, it’s also easily removed. The clamp is adjustable making it compatible with several different sizes (up to 5.3-inch screens). The one-hand install is another selling point for this guy. This isn’t one you have to struggle with each time you want to place your phone.

You can pick up the Montar Universal Car Mount for $29.99 on


 6. Headphones

 Wireless: Beats by Dre Studio

Best Selling iPhone 6 and 6s Accessories-wireless-beats-by-dre

We all know Beats by Dre at this point. It’s practically a house-hold brand and with Apple’s purchase of the company for $3 billion, they’re now everywhere.

But just because they’ve got good branding and marketing doesn’t necessarily mean they deliver the goods. Only in this case Beats does deliver and well. I’ve been a proud owner of Beats for a few years now. They have the capability to pull out the bass and distinguish the audio minutia from each other while at the same time drowning out the world with noise-cancelling technology.


With the wireless Beats Studio arriving on the scene, you now don’t need to worry about annoying wires. Just simply place them on your head, pair them with your iPhone and vibe out.

For $299.95 you can get the wired version but for $379.95 you can go wireless. We found the the wireless version for $329 on


In-ear: Bose Freestyle Earbuds

Best Selling iPhone 6 and 6s Accessories-bose-sound-in-ear

Bose makes another appearance on our list due to their ability to churn out quality products. This time we’re looking at their in-ear…earbuds. These aren’t wireless, they’re your regular pair of wired headphones.

If you’re not a fan of the provided earbuds that come with the purchase of your iPhone then you should definitely check out Bose Freestyles. Available in numerous colors like Ice Blue they’re definitely there to make a statement while at the same time offering a comfortable fit with it’s unique design.

But a nice design and comfortable wear isn’t enough to make it on our top accessories list. They have to deliver a high-quality sound performance which these guys do. While they’re not cheap compared to other in-ear buds, they do deliver a higher standard than most.

Bose Freestyle Earbuds are available on for $109.95.

Be sure to check back next week as we continue to share some of the best selling iPhone 6 and 6s accessories!  Next week we’ll show you some of the best selling armbands, selfie sticks, projectors and adapters.