Best iPad Air Case – Leather iPad Case Review

This is just a quick review for what has become one of my favorite iPad Air cases to date. It’s called a “Classic Retro Vintage Old Book Style Leather Case for the iPad Air, with a Bible Pattern”.  I know that’s a mouth full right?

​It’s a case by company called Mosso, I’d never heard of them before in my life. However when I saw the case online, I thought, “Hey, you know 29 bucks. I’ll give it a shot.” I couldn’t be more pleased with it.

Best iPad Air Case
This case is simply beautiful and it’s designed to fit the iPad Air perfectly!  It’s made of PU leather, but it doesn’t feel cheap at all.   The vintage style of a book was really appealing to me and that’s one of the reasons I purchased it.  It has the appearance of high grade stitching and the embossed logo on the front is a nice touch as well.
You can tilt your iPad and easily to adjust the standing positions, one thing I wish was that it had designated grooves for this, but this is a very minor complaint of mine. Another downside is that it doesn’t allow you the ability to put it into a standing position where you can comfortably type on it without it falling.
Best iPad Air Case
The Vintage leather old book case also has a “sleep wake function” and it’s extremely easy to use right out of the box!  The iPad just pops right in, and it’s very sturdy. After almost a year of use, I’ve never had my iPad slip out of here. It has a very secure fit and provides easy access to the volume buttons, charging port, headphone jack and other ports.  Even the camera cut out is very precise.
Another thing to take note of is that it’s very lightweight and not bulky at all and the elegant “leather like” feel provides a nice grip so you shouldn’t be dropping it anytime soon.
best ipad air case leather case review
So far this leather iPad Air case has held up like a charm!  I used it daily for almost a year daily while working my day job and I’m surprised that for the price I only have one minor blemish in the crease after that amount of use.
When you consider the what it cost, this case is​ extremely well designed, attractive and very high quality.

That’s why I consider this one of the best iPad Air cases you can get for the money especially if you like the “book” feel.

Sometimes I like to purchase my iPad and iPhone accessories on a budget, and this case fit right into that plan.

It’s available on Amazon for just $29 with free shipping and it has over 100 customer reviews with an average of a 4.5 rating!

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Overall it gives a great vintage feel of a classic book. That’s exactly what I was looking for with this purchase, I mean I love this case, I can’t say enough about it. I’ve received too many compliments to count and that always makes me feel good about my iPad and iPhone accessory purchases.

Bottom line: this is definitely an iPad Air Case that I would recommend, it’s just an overall beautiful, classy and well built case!

What’s your favorite iPad Air case?  Have you tried this one?


  1. dR on September 21, 2015 at 7:17 am

    And a similar one for iPad Air2?