Top iOS7 Features

With over 200 new features including a complete re-design of the stock apps, here are my top 5 IOS 7 features…stay tuned for more to come.

#1- The ios 7 Control Center: Swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone and Viola, even from the lock screen!

You have opened the control center and you now have easy access to features that used to require access through settings and multiple tasks thereafter.
No Mas! Now you can very easily toggle on and off your Airplane mode, Wifi, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb and Portrait Lock from one easy access control center.
You can also control your brightness and music controls as well.
Need flashlight, calculator or camera access? No worries – Just Swipe Up…
Also access AirDrop and AirPlay via your ios 7 Control Center.

This is a great feature whose time has finally come to ios without having to jailbreak your device!

Just remember to SWIPE UP…..

#2- iTunes Radio: Access in the Music app (look in the lower left hand corner)

This is a an app that is similar to Pandora in that you can creat a play station from artist(s) and or song(s). Once a song is playing you have several options available to you (play more like, choose to never play that song again, add it to your wish list or purchase directly from iTunes). In the free version you can even skip up to 6 songs, I’ve gotta say I REALLY like iTunes Radio!

#3- IOS 7 Multitasking: Double press the home button

Another re-designed feature, just double press the home button and you’ve got access to totally revised multitasking. Updates include a card layout that displays your apps running in the background. To close an app, simply swipe up on the app (you can also swipe up on multiple apps and close them all at one time).

#4 – Auto App Updates:
Gone are the days of having to go to the App Store to update your apps!
Apps are updated automatically…Enough said!

#5- AirDrop: Access from the Control Center

This is a great feature to share photos, music, iTunes radio stations, apps and even web pages with anyone who has an ios device…. Wow!

Tones: Access from settings then sounds.

Thank goodness for Apple for finally providing users more tones to choose from. One word-FINALLY!

Comment and share your favorite ios 7 feature!