Apple TV Review Update

The Apple TV became a topic of discussion at the big Spring Forward Event this past week when the announcement came that HBO Now will be offered exclusively to Apple users for the first 4 months beginning in April.  

For just $14.99 per month you have the ability to “cut the cord” to your cable TV subscription and get access to the entire library of HBO programs (past and present). HBO Now can be streamed through Apple TV, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.  The other great news for the Apple TV came in the form of a new discounted price!  You can get an Apple TV for just $69 instead $99.

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This Apple TV review is for people on the fence, who really don’t know why they should even purchase one.  Last year after hearing MORE rave reviews, I still didn’t get the hype, but the timing was once again right for an impulse buy.  I could always get that Michael Kors purse a little later (that’s the “inner Geek vs Chic” battle I constantly fight).  I went to the Apple store for a Magic Trackpad and also came out with the 3rd generation Apple TV.  It’s funny how that happens to me, just like when I go to Walmart…I go in there for one thing and leave with a cart full.  I told my Mom about my latest acquisition of the Apple TV and she asked me, “what room are you gonna put that new tv in?”  I had to break it down for her that the Apple TV is a small box that packs a powerful punch full of features that enhance your current television.

Here’s the breakdown:


With the Apple TV you can “mirror” anything from your iPhone, iPod, iPad or MacBook directly to your television. This includes those vacation photos, music, videos, movies and you can even play games. Best of all you can take the Apple TV along with you anywhere and share whatever you have on your ios device.

Check out this video review:

You can only mirror one device at a time. I learned this the hard way when my 8 year old nephew showed me how to create a slide show from photos on my iPhone and wait for it…even create a soundtrack to the slide show!
We engaged in a battle of “but wait, let me show these pictures”, both of us were vying for exclusive control of what was displayed on the Big screen, needless to say he won!

The Air Play feature allows you to listen to anything from your entire iTunes music collection on to your home theater system and control the playlist via your iPhone or iPad.
You can even be in another room and wirelessly change songs using the Airplay feature from the Apple TV Remote App!  Check out 12 really cool things you can do with your Apple TV over at Business Insider.

The Apple TV offers more features including the ability to download movies and tv shows and store them in your iTunes collection that you can take anywhere, and you can even stream HBO GO and WatchESPN.  It also comes out of the box with a host of apps including Netflix and everything’s in 1080p HD!  This little box packs a huge punch and I’ m glad I chose “Geek over Chic” that day.


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