7 Siri Tricks You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Could Do

I used to have a love hate relationship with Siri, heck sometimes I still do. Like those times when I speak and she can’t seem to understand a word I’m saying, but that’s not what this article’s about.  Here are 7 Siri tricks you didn’t know your iPhone could do.

I’m actually using Siri a lot more lately, pretty much on a daily basis and I’ve discovered quite a few Siri Tricks that may surprise you.  If you’re not sure how to use your iPhone or iPad’s virtual assistant yet, check out the article How to Use Siri on Your iPad or iPhone.

1.  “Hey Siri”

I’m sure you’ve probably heard of this Siri feature already, but did you know that you can use the “Hey Siri” feature hands free?  To enable this feature go to Settings > General > Siri and turn on allow “Hey Siri”.  The only downside to this right now is that you have to be plugged for it to work, however if your iPad or iPhone is Jailbroken like mine, you don’t have to be plugged in!  I love this and I use it constantly, maybe Apple will give us the the ability to do this when the iPhone 7 comes out (fingers crossed).  For more detailed information on how to use this Siri command, check out: How to Use Siri on Your iPad or iPhone. 



2. Use Siri To Adjust Settings On Your iPad or iPhone

Did you know that you can adjust many of your settings using your Siri app?  That’s right, Siri will do that for you and this is one Siri trick that many people still don’t know about.  You can tell Siri to do things like: Turn off bluetooth, adjust screen brightness, put you in airplane mode, or simply take you to the settings app.

siri-settings     siri-settings1   siri-settings2


3.  Siri Tricks For Going To The Movies

Siri can tell you what popular movie review sites like Rotten Tomatoes are saying about a movie your are going to see.  Ask Siri to “Get Movie Reviews For (Insert Title)”.  You can also ask Siri how long the movie is and even ask Siri to “Play the Trailer for (Movie Name)”, plus you can get nearby theaters and showtimes.  This is such a cool feature to have this type of information right at your fingertips!

siri-movies   siri-birdman


4. Use Siri To Add Items To Your Grocery List

In order to use this Siri command, you should already have a list set up in your reminders app. After you have your list done, you can tell Siri things like, “Add eggs to my grocery list or remind me to pick up my dry cleaning at 2 o’clock today”.  Using the reminders app with Siri you’ll be sure to remember everything you need to!

siri-trick-grocery-list-01   siri-trick-grocery-list


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5.  Use Siri To Shuffle Music Tracks and Find Song Info

Did you know that you can tell Siri to play music from the artist or band of choice from your music collection?  Just say “play (artist or band name)”  and Siri will shuffle songs from that artist or band, this is pretty cool!  Don’t know the name of that song playing on the radio?  Ask Siri “what song is this?”  and she’ll use the Shazam music integration to hunt for the song and you can even purchase the track as well!  This feature needs some improvement in my opinion because you can only use this Shazam feature with Bluetooth turned off and Siri doesn’t get it right sometimes.  What’s your experience been?

siri-trick-music-02   siri-trick-music-01   siri-trick-music


6.  Keep Track Of The Days A Holiday Falls On

Keeping track of the exact day a holiday falls on can be a pain, but that info is always at your fingertips with the Siri app.  Just ask Siri “What day is (insert holiday) on this year?” and Siri to the rescue!



7.  Use Siri To Delete All Alarms

Use Siri to clear out all of those miscellaneous alarms that you’ve built up in your alarm app.  Come on I know it’s not just me with a ton of alarms right?  Well all you have to do is tell Siri to “delete all of my alarms”.  She’ll ask you to confirm, and now you can start fresh!



These are just 7 Siri Tricks you didn’t know your iPhone could do but there’s plenty more.  Explore the Siri app and just start asking questions, you’ll be surprised by what your “virtual assistant” knows!  What’s the funniest response you’ve gotten from Siri?


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