7 Useful iOS 9 Jailbreak Tweaks To Make The iPhone 7 Amazing

Today, I’m going to talk about 7 iOS 9 jailbreak tweaks the iPhone 7 should have.

Sometimes I do some videos on my YouTube Channel (shameless plug :-D) and I get comments that say things like, “Hey, that’s not a real iPhone” or “it’s a fake iPhone.”  News alert – this is a real iPhone, it’s just jailbroken. I’m going to give you 7 jailbreak tweaks that I really think the iPhone 7 should have.

1 – Ability To Move Multiple Icons At One Time

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The first app I feel like the iPhone 7 should come with and I really don’t know why Apple hasn’t made this a standard feature yet, it’s called Multi Icon Mover.  Simply put; this feature allows you to move multiple icons at one time.
It’s a pain in my opinion to have to put your apps in wiggle mode and move them over one by one, this gets tedious real quick!

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By using a feature like Multi Icon Mover, if I want to move multiple icons to another page, just put them in ‘Wiggle Mode’, tap the apps that you want to move (they’ll have a red checkmark) and scroll to the page you want them on. Next just tap the home button and voila!  Why the iPhones don’t have that standard is above and beyond me.

2- Place Icons Where You Want Them

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There’s a jailbreak tweak called Anchor and if something like this were added to the iPhone 7, it would open the door to a little customization.​ The Anchor jailbreak tweak quite simply allows you to move icons wherever you choose!

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3- Pause For Video Recording

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Why do we not have a pause recording feature for the video camera? This is so easy to do with this jailbreak tweak called RecordPause and it’s free in the Cydia store.  Just tap the timer on the iPhone screen and it will turn yellow to indicate that the video is paused. When I tap it again, the white is going to show you that it’s resuming.  Again this is such a basic tweak, I’m not sure why Apple doesn’t have this feature included but they should.

4- A Virtual Home Button
In the Cydia store there’s an app called VirtualHome 8 n 9 and it’s $1.49.  This app will save a lot of wear and tear on your home button.  Instead of having to hard press on your home button, you can do a slight tap instead.  You’re also able to set up various activation methods for the tweak as well.

5- Picture in Picture

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Picture in Picture, that’s something that you can actually do on the iPad Air 2 but it’s not available for the iPhone. I’ve picked two jailbreak apps right now from the Cydia store and they actually give me the ability to use Picture in Picture on my iPhone!

The first Cydia app is called VideoPane and it actually works in apps. It will work in Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and etc.  Simply open the video, you’re going to get a popup asking you if you want to detach the video. Click detach and from there, you’ve got Picture in Picture.You can pinch to expand, pinch to decrease the size of the video, move the video and to close the app just tap the “X”.

You can also rewind 60 seconds, pause or forward 60 seconds.  The down side is that it works with videos within apps, but not when your using a browser.I’ve tried another app called Pegasus and it works the exact opposite way.  It works in browsers but I have not found a way to make it work while using apps.VideoPane is $1.99 in Cydia and Pegasus, as far as I know, it’s free.I really wish Apple would put this feature on the future iOS for the iPhone 7 and utilize aspects of both of those jailbreak tweaks.  ​It wouldn’t matter whether you’re in an app or whether you’re in Safari or another browser, you’d still be able to utilize Picture and Picture.

6- Custom Screen Shots
Snapper 2 is also available in Cydia and this is a cool way to take a screen shot but you can zoom in on the actual part of the screen that you want to use and there are several ways to activate Snapper 2.   I’ve got mine set up so that if I firm touch on the status bar, it will activate.  From there I just highlight the area of the screen I want to take a screen shot of and once I lift my finger from the screen, a screen shot of just that portion is taken.

7- Close All Open Safari Tabs At Once

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The final iOS 9 jailbreak tweak that I’d like to see on the iPhone 7 is the jailbreak tweak SafariCloseAllTabs. This is so simple and I don’t understand why it’s not on the iPhone now.  Right now if you want to close all of your open Safari Tabs you’ve got to go one by one. With the Safari Close All Apps tweak, you can quickly and easily close all your Safari tabs at one time.  That would be a beauty to have that on the iPhone 7.

That’s my wish list for the iPhone 7 and those are 7 iOS 9 jailbreak tweaks the iPhone 7 should have.  What feature do you most want to see on the iPhone 7?   Let me know in the comments below.