3 Easy iPhone Tips!

Here are  3 easy iPhone tips that come in really handy!


Tip # 1: Block a caller or text messages from a caller.

Go to recent’s and hit the info icon, after that simply scroll to the bottom and tap block caller. This is a great feature for finally getting rid of annoying phone calls from those stalkers! Lol!  To block text messages as well, just click the text message, then click contact, hit the info icon and scroll to the bottom and hit blocked this caller! Wow! What a great feature this is!



Tip # 2: always remember birthdays!


Even with Facebook’s app and birthday reminder notifications, somehow I seem to always find myself missing someone’s birthday… what to do?  With your iPhone you can get alerted on the day of the birthday or a couple of days before by going to the contact name, hit edit, scroll down to add birthday date. Next you want to go to settings and click mail, contacts, calendars and scroll down until you see default alert times click on birthdays and select the alert you prefer, for me it’s set to 9 AM on that day! Now I’ll be reminded the same date with an alert!



iphone-birthday-set    iphone-mail-contacts

block-this-caller iphone-default-alert


Tip #3: Easily scroll to the top of any page by tapping the clock!

You can use this feature with contacts, emails, messages and even websites. Have you ever scrolled to the bottom of text message and you want to get to the very top maybe that first message you had? It’s easy now, simply tap the clock and you’ll be directed to the very top of the page. You can do the same thing with websites too.  Ever found an interesting article and you’re down at the bottom of the page, but you want to refer to something at the top of the page? Hit the clock button and you’ll get right back to the top of the webpage!


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