100 Balls Game Review

100 Balls Game Review

The 100 balls game is currently a FREE App in the Apple App Store for the iPad and the iPhone and it’s been downloaded over 5 million times worldwide and it currently has an average of a four star rating in the Apple App Store.  I had to see what all the hype was about, so I downloaded the game and tried my hand at 100 balls.

Here’s how the 100 balls game works: you’ve got a funnel that’s filled with 100 of what appear to be ping-pong balls and circling around this funnel of balls, are 8 rotating cups. Your goal is to tap your finger to release the balls and fill each cup up with as many balls as possible without losing any in the process. Also, while you’re busy with that, don’t let any cups go by without any balls in them or they’re gone forever!

You get points for every ball that you get into your cup.  The cups will also turn colors and if you match the colored balls to the colored cups you get even more points!


This game starts off at a pretty slow rotating pace, but the cups will rotate a lot faster as you complete each level.

One downside I found is that the pause button is not placed in an ideal spot. I found myself hitting it without meaning to, and I’d end up losing my concentration and missing the chances of getting the balls in the cup!  Darn!


This game is heating up fast, is this the new Candy Crush?  I really doubt it, but only time will tell.  How long do you think this game will be the top free iPhone app and the top free iPad app?

The 100 balls game is free for the iPad and the iPhone and it’s also available for Android devices.

My Verdict: The 100 balls app is a simple, yet addictive and it’s a great “go-to” game,  when you’ve got some time to kill!