$100,000 Gold Apple Watch Version Launched By Brikk

Los Angeles-based company Brikk has recently announced their version of the premium Gold Apple Watch line. For you high-fashion types out there this is sure to pique your interest.

The Lux Gold Apple Watch Version, which is built in 38mm and 42mm sizes can be purchased in 24 carat yellow gold, 18-carat pink gold and 950 platinum. Drooling yet? You ain’t seen nothing. There are 3 different Lux Watch versions available after you’ve picked yellow gold, pink gold, etc. Let’s talk about these different versions.

The Lux Watch Standard

Lux Standard Gold Apple Watch

The Lux Watch Standard has a single row of diamonds totaling .50 carats circling the face and comes
with a leather strap. That’s about it. Pretty modest right?

The Lux Watch Deluxe


Now, the Lux Watch Deluxe has 2.3 carats of diamonds in several rows around the face with diamond encrusted buttons and a leather strap with a diamond studded clasp. Not bad. Still not impressed? We got something for you.

The Lux Watch Omni

Lux Omni Gold Angled

Alright, here’s where Brikk loses their friggin’ minds. The Lux Omni “Gold Apple Watch” version has everything the Deluxe has with one additional thing that brings it from “pretty cool” to “holy s- that’s a lot of bling!” (are people still using the word “bling?” Damn I feel old.)

The added decor on the Omni arrives in the form of a fully diamond-wrapped case and diamond-wrapped wrist-band made up of over 12 carats of diamonds! Talk about crazy. All I’m going to say is don’t ever wear it out in the sun or around bright lights or you may just be making a trip to the optometrist to get them eyes checked.

Lux Watch Prices

If the design wasn’t crazy enough the prices sure grabbed our attention. The Standard goes for as low as $7,495 which is expensive but I can see affording that while accruing some unnecessary debt.

The Lux Deluxe Gold Apple Watch Version fetches for a cool $11,995 (at least that’s what the Brikk press release says), although on brikk.com I don’t see any version of the Deluxe for less than $48,995. Ok, ok. I cringed a little on that one but I know people who’ve bought cars for more than that, so that’s not horrible. Let’s see what the Omni goes for…

Wait am I reading that right? Hold on let me check another source. Alright I just went to brikk.com and found the cheapest Omni they have and put it in my cart. I’ve never in my life had my cart on any website total anything close to $109,995. But that’s how much their cheapest watch is. Now their press release says it can be as cheap as $69,995 but I don’t see any option that’s that cheap. Either way that’s no chump change.

Maybe they should have just called it the Lux Watch “Omni-ever going to be able to afford this”.

Alright the shock is wearing off. Despite the outrageous prices and the fact that I’d probably never drop that kind of coin on a watch there is a market for that kind of high retail. There are plenty of high-rollers, playboys and straight-out ballers who want to sport something that screams they’re compensating for something. Or maybe they’re just cooler than me. The latter may be true.

Brikk is taking pre-orders now and plan to ship out their high-end version of the Gold Apple Watch 4-6 weeks after Apple’s official release on April 24.

Let us know your take on the Brikk Lux Gold Apple Watch versions in the comments below.