Neo Hybrid Spigen iPhone 6 Case

Above Average

Positives: The Neo Hybrid Spigen iPhone 6 Case has very sleek look that really highlights the thinness of the iPhone 6! The raised metallic buttons work great on my iPhone 6 and I simply love the bumper frame! It's also really easy to take off and put on my iPhone.

Negatives: One huge problem for me with this Spigen iPhone 6 case was access to the mute button, it's really recessed and very hard to get to. Also the outline of the inner casing is black and that makes my iPhone 6 screen appear smaller than it actually is. The Neo Hybrid Spigen iPhone 6 case also adds additional width to my iPhone and takes some getting used to.

Bottom Line: Once I got used to the screen and the added width, this is a great iPhone 6 case that I will definitely keep in my rotation! The cons were not enough for me not to want to use it.

  • Price
  • Design
  • Durability

The Neo Hybrid Spigen iPhone 6 Case touts “Advanced Shock Absorption and Dual Layer Protection”.  At first glance this case looks great, it’s very thin so that in itself is a winner in my book.

The iPhone case actually comes in two pieces which include a UV-coated hard polycarbonate frame that gives the iPhone 6 case a punch of color as well as protection.
The inner part of the case has a web type pattern that’s supposed to help with shock absorption, while the back of the case  has texture and provides a good grip.

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The Neo Hybrid Spigen iPhone 6 Case feels pretty wide in my hand and the black around the front of the case actually makes my screen look smaller than it is, so that took some getting used to. The Spigen iPhone case also features “lay on the table design”, it’s got an  .08 mm lip so that when your iPhone is face down it’ll  prevent the glass from touching the surface.  On the back of the cover the camera cut-out is raised so that the iPhone will lay flush when laying on it’s back.  Another great thing about this Spigen iPhone 6 case is that it comes in 6 colors.

spigen-iphone-6-caseI found the Neo Hybrid Spigen iPhone 6 Case on Amazon for $21.21, much less than the retail price $34.99

Do you have this case, if so, how would you rate it?
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    so, “… an .08mm lip”?
    that sure is, er, nothing!
    but i like that it will “lay flush when laying on it’s back”…

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